Anxiety Therapy for children and teens

Does your child or teen have anxiety?


Does your child cling to you in new situations? It takes forever to get out of the house in the morning because your child doesn’t want you to go to work. She is afraid something terrible will happen to you. You are constantly reassuring her that nothing bad will happen.

Every new situation starts with a million “what if” questions. After a ton of reassurance and making accommodations your child hesitantly agrees but is followed by nausea and meltdowns. Hardly making the situation enjoyable.

You go out of your way to avoid triggering your child’s anxiety. This takes all of your energy. When anxiety is in charge, parents can feel helpless and like their lives are being dominated. 

You want nothing more than for your child to be confident, courageous, and independent. It breaks your heart to see your child struggle in school and miss out on opportunities like sleepovers, sports, and time with friends. State of Mind Therapy can help.

 How will anxiety therapy help my child?

State of Mind Therapy works with teens and children to understand their worries and not be afraid by them. State of Mind Therapy believes it is imperative that you as the parent learn ways to support your child.

When you work with State of Mind Therapy, you won’t be dropping off your child and wondering if therapy is helping. The children I have worked with have made the most progress when their parents are actively involved in the process and learning with them.

 It’s important for children and parents to understand that the goal is not to prevent or eliminate anxiety all together. Anxiety is necessary for our survival. The goal is to keep anxiety from taking over your family and learn ways to face challenges despite feeling afraid. Understanding anxiety is important, but the key to helping your child become more independent is ACTION, not avoidance. 

State of Mind Therapy is located near the Minneapolis area. Conveniently located in Bloomington, MN. Online Counseling is an option for Minnesota residents.

Counseling located in Bloomington, MN

How anxiety therapy in Bloomington, MN can help:

  • How to recognize worried thoughts

  • How to relax their body when tense

  • How to stop reinforcing your child’s anxiety

  • The role of fear, worry, and avoidance

  • Ways to expect anxiety, not be surprised by it

  • New skills to help your child that don’t include saying “calm down” or “nothing bad will happen.” 

If you are ready to take action, then call today to set up a complimentary consultation for anxiety therapy.