Should You See a Therapist for anxiety?


We all worry at times. Worry motivates us to take an action. 

But maybe you’ve always been a worrier. And for the most part, you’ve been able to get through life. Until lately. It seems that you are barely making it. You worry about the little things. You worry about the big things. You wonder “do other people worry as much as I do?” 

You worry about everything. You worry that you are failing your kids because you lose your shit sometimes. You worry your kids will grow up to have problems because of your anxiety. Your friendships are more distant and you fear it’s because of you. 

You worry about your health. “Is this chest pain going to cause a heart attack?” You fear there is something medically wrong with you. Even though the doctor’s have reassured you that you are healthy. The doubt persists.

Sleep is a real issue. You know those days. You can’t fall asleep because your brain won’t shut off. You even dread going to sleep knowing it will be another sleepless night. You wake up feeling so tired…with hardly any energy to take on the idea. You’re fed up.

You want so badly to be more present in your everyday life (not caught up in thinking about the future). You want to have more good days than bad. You want to be able to be yourself again…where you are smiling, confident, and able to handle whatever life throws at you. 

But you ask yourself, is this normal anxiety? Take the 7 question quiz to find out. 

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    You should see a Therapist if:

    It can be time to speak to a professional if anxiety is:

    • making it difficult to go to work

    • interfering with your sleep

    • stopping you from enjoying life

    • hurting your relationships

    • Causing you to feel irritable, on edge, or moody most days


    • if you take medication for anxiety

    • when you’ve tried “self-help” and it hasn’t worked

    Why work with a Therapist?

    Sometimes people have assumptions or fears about working with a Therapist. It’s important to ask yourself what gets in your way of taking the next step. Maybe you have some assumptions or fears about what the treatment would look like. Here are a few things you need to know:

    • You need a plan to move forward. You don’t have to talk about your childhood (unless you want to). Your thoughts and beliefs are causing anxiety, not your past.

    • You need skills. Overcoming anxiety is not something you can talk your way out of. You need specific knowledge, skills, and support.

    • You need a specialist. You need to work with someone who gets it. Someone who can give you a different perspective on your thinking. You need someone to give you a plan on how to crush anxiety.

    • You need accountability. You are most successful with change when you have someone to follow-up with on your goals.

    You deserve a life free from the cage of anxiety. Life is short, commit to a better version of you.

    If you are ready to work with a Therapist who treats anxiety, call today to schedule an appointment