Featured on Mom's Dish MN Podcast about Managing Anxiety, Tips for an Easier Holiday Season and Tools for Finding the Right Therapist for You

I had the privilege of being featured on the Mom’s Dish MN Podcast to talk about anxiety. In this episode we discuss:

-Why I decided to become a therapist

-Why anxiety is on the rise

-Signs of anxiety in children and adults

-Common triggers for anxiety

-Finding therapy for anxiety

-Helpful tips for coping with anxiety and panic symptoms

-Tips for reducing stress and anxiety during the holidays

Check it out here!

I faced my fear...

It’s OCD Awareness Week and I participated in the #FaceYourFear campaign by the International OCD Foundation. In the treatment of OCD, people must face their fears. For OCD Week, people all over the world were asked to take a picture or video of themselves facing their fear to help spread awareness of OCD. Check out my video to see me facing my fear!

Separation Anxiety: Understand the Signs and What You Can Do to Help Your Child

Do you have a child or teen who becomes fearful and anxious when separated from you? Separation anxiety disorder is common in not just young children, but older children and teens too! Sometimes parents believe that their child will outgrow separation anxiety, but not if it’s related to an anxiety disorder. A diagnosed separation anxiety disorder requires treatment from a professional.

In this video, you will learn about the common signs of separation anxiety disorder and what you can do to help your child.

How to address reassurance seeking with your anxious child

When you have an anxious child, it’s common for them to ask repeated “what if” questions in attempt to manage their anxiety. This leaves parents answering the same worry questions over and over. This can be frustrating for parents. It also continues to feed the worry cycle. Watch this video to learn how to put an end to reassurance seeking behavior.