Counseling and Therapy for Anxiety in Minneapolis area

You’ve always been a worrier.

You can’t help but overthink everything. Even the small things. It’s been impacting you physically by stomach aches, sore muscles, and feeling on edge…maybe even panic attacks. You wish you could be present in the moment but your thoughts are racing and you can only focus on what’s happening in your mind and body.

This constant worry is taking a toll on your work, school, health, sleep, or relationships.

Anxiety can make you doubt your abilities and rely on reassurance from others to help you make even the smallest decisions. And when nothing else seem to work, you sometimes turn to alcohol or marijuana, just to take the edge off.

You want to find a sense of calm.

You want to wake up feeling refreshed from a good night sleep. You are tired of anxiety taking over your life and you are willing to work hard to get back in control. Counseling with Jenny Matthews will help you get in control of your thoughts, have a relaxed body, and back to living your life the way you want.


How can therapy in Minneapolis help?

Your feelings are driven by your thoughts and beliefs. These thoughts are usually anxious or negative. Often times, anxious thoughts sound like “what if ____ happens” or imaging the worst case situation. The good news is, you have the power to change the way you think. This will take work and effort on your part. However, working with a counselor who utilizes cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) can help. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is considered the “gold standard” for anxiety treatment.

Mindfulness has also been shown to be highly effective for those struggling with anxiety. Because anxiety is often about future worries, learning to become more present in the moment can be an effective coping skill for those struggling with anxiety. State of Mind Therapy can help you find mindfulness strategies that work for you.

State of Mind Therapy offers two convenient locations near Minneapolis for you to receive anxiety therapy: Bloomington and Wayzata. Online Therapy and Counseling is also an option (for Minnesota residents only). Book an appointment online today to get started with anxiety therapy.